has two PayPal methods that are transparent to our customers.


One PayPal method we use is PayPal Express that you can use on any checkout screen including the view cart page.  PayPal Express will take the Shipping information you enter in PayPal and update both Billing and Shipping Address information in your Customer Account and Order. PayPal Express is used to make the checkout process quicker.  This PayPal method should not be used when you are drop shipping.  PayPal Express is kick off when you click on the PayPal logo or on the radio button with the PayPal Logo.


The second PayPal method we use is PayPal Standard that you can only use on the last check out page.  PayPal Standard does not update the Customer Account or Order Address information.  The Billing and Address information you entered in NewFrescos for your drop shipper will stay as you entered it. Your NewFrescos Customer Account Address information will not change.


NOTE: PayPal will be changing the way PayPal Express works with Web Sites this year.  This may resolve the problem drop shippers are having with your billing information changing.  But in the mean time drop shippers need to use PayPal Standard.


This document explains the procedure to use PayPal Standard with a drop ship order. 

In view cart click on “Proceed to Checkout”



Rectangular Callout: Click Proceed to Checkout




Logon on to you account






Your Address will appear after login







Now enter the ship to address


After entering the shipping address click on Proceed to shipping calculation















On this screen enter the shipping method and then click on Proceed to Payment Information


Keep you billing information the same


Keep your billing info the same not where you are shipping it



Keep this Radio Button on

Online Credit Card or Pay with Your PayPal Account

Pay with or without your Paypal Account

Pay Online Credit Card or Pay with Your PayPal Account












Do NOT click on the radio button with the PayPal Icon. This is PayPal Express.


Enter any Comments then click on Check Out.

Radio Button must be on here. It is the default.


Radio Button must be on here, it is the default





Now click on Check Out











Change the shipping address to your drop shipper – Optional





Your PayPal Payment Screen with the drop ship address






Return to NewFrescos





Your Drop Ship Customer Address


Your Billing Address