Yes we will drop ship directly to your customer.
If you want to be a drop shipper you must first create a customer account.  
When you create a drop ship order put in the address of your customer in shipping address fields.  The billing information which defaults from your customer account must be your credit card billing address information. It is recommended  that you put drop ship order in the comments. We will email you that the order has been shipped. The packing slip will not have the NewFrescos Name or Logo. 
Drop Shipping Fees and Prices We do not charge fees for the standard drop-shipping plan that is described here. The price on the website plus the shipping charge is what you pay.  To see your wholesale drop ship prices you need to create a drop ship account. Once you sign on to your drop ship account your drop ship prices will display.
Shipping: Shipping cost is calculated based on USPS prices which are based on weight and location. For most items within the US the shipping charges will be between $3.89 and $4.39 East coast addresses will cost less than west coast addresses. Shipping for heavy items will be higher.  Items that will cost more are items sold by the dozen, boxes and display items. We normally ship by USPS.  UPS shipping charges tend to be a lot higher. Note: shipping cost can change when the USPS rates changes.
Inventory: The inventory available for each item is displayed on the detail product description page.  The inventory is updated real time as we sell or restock.
EMAIL: All emails will go directly to the drop shipper and not to the drop shipper’s customer. Do not put your customer's email address on the order to avoid any mix up. All email addresses entered on our site should be your email address.
Product: All our products can used to drop ship except for products that are priced  under a $1.00.  We recommend that you be selective in which products you want to sell.  You want to select products for your target customers or products that complement or enhance your current  product line.  Products that are sold by the dozen are only sold by the dozen and are not broken up.

The pictures and descriptions are online. We will supplier a product feed on request. Drop shippers can copy the pictures and information from our website. It is advised that the description is reworded on your website.

Create an Account. To create a drop ship account, click on My Account in the upper left hand corner of the screen, just below the logo. In account type select drop ship and fill in the rest of the address and company information. Once you complete the information, the next time you log into your account you will see the drop ship prices and you can create a drop ship order.
If any other questions let us know.